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Fire Detection and Prevention

We offer a complete design service for all fire detection and prevention systems along with providing scheduled maintenance and repairs aligned with BS.5839 regulations.

Automatic Opening Vents (A.O.V.)

We offer a full design and manufacturing service for all A.O.V systems and we have specialist installers who will undertake the complete contract.

Domestic and Commercial Electrical Systems

We provide a comprehensive design service for all domestic and commercial electrical systems covering everything from concept to handover inline with BS.7671 IEE regulations. 

CCTV Systems

We design a wide range of CCTV systems and recording systems for all situations from domestic to agricultural to commercial and more.

Hire systems are also available.

Automatic Gates

We offer full design services, installation of new systems and maintenance of existing automatic gates and barriers.

Access Control

We can design, install and maintain door entry and access control systems for every type of property ranging from an individual property to multiple flats and estates.  

Perimeter Security (Commercial and Agricultural)

We specialise in protecting agricultural and commercial premises by the use of perimeter wireless and hard wired detection systems to alert landowners and record unauthorised activity. 

Home Automation Systems

We can design from concept a complete home automation system for new build properties or extensions to current properties or even convert your existing light and power system so that you can control everything remotely from your phone or tablet.